Seats Still Available For This Weekend’s Safe to Learn Conference

In light of a rise in school bullying as well as a near pandemic level of  LGBTQIA student suicides nothing is more important then looking for ways to help make Idaho’s schools safer.

Organizers of an event this weekend in Boise say there’s still room for those wishing to attend an afternoon long conference entitled Safe to Learn: In support of Idaho Schools and their Students.

Area experts in building safer schools– counselors, human rights advocates and students, themselves– will provide parents, teachers and other counselors with stories, facts and some direction for making our schools safe places for learning.

The event will be held on October 29th,  from 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m, at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 6200 Garrett Street Boise. The meeting is free and the public from all around Idaho is encouraged to attend. You are asked to preregister by calling call 208-658-1710.

The conference is being sponsored by the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Humanists of Idaho.  According to a press release college students can earn 4 CEU hours from Northwest Nazarene University for their attendance.


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