Michael J. Lee Sentenced To Life In Prison With Possibility of Parole

46-year-old Lynn Blake

A Meridian man who killed his mother and beat up her partner after raping and  kidnapping his  own wife will spend at least the next 32 years in prison. The judge handed down the sentence late Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Idaho Statesman, “Michael James Lee pleaded guilty to the murder, kidnapping, and battery charges in May after admitting he fatally stabbed his mother, 46-year-old Lynn Blake, at her Eagle home Jan. 4th 2011.”

On Wednesday, Lee was sentenced to life in prison with 25 years fixed for first degree murder and 7 years fixed for the  kidnapping charge.

Prosecutors say then 24-year-old Lee tied up and raped his wife at their apartment in Meridian.  He then put her in the trunk of their vehicle and drove to his mother and her partner’s house where he had dinner with the couple.  Blake admitted to going to the house with the intention of killing his mother but has never explained his motivations.

A Psychologist told the court on Wednesday that Lee suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Lee says he was sexually and mentally abused as a teen by a woman he and his mother lived with at the time.

Family members told KBOI-TV last winter that the only stress factors they were aware of him having was being a new parent and that he was having trouble finding a job.

Court Documents show that Lee stabbed his mother several times before turning his rage on his mother’s partner of twelve years.  She was able to rescue the child and flee from the house.  Meanwhile, Lee’s wife was able to escape from the trunk of the car and run into to a nearby home where neighbors called police.

Members of Boise’s LGBTQIA community who knew Lynn Blake say she is greatly missed.

A friend told the Idaho Statesman last January that,”She was one of those people who always had a smile on her face and glad to see you and hug you,” said Tina Haumann, a friend who met Blake in the mid-1990s when she moved to Kuna from California. “It was her energy. I’ve never seen her not beaming with joy on her face.”

Blake’s obituary describes her partner, who continues to recover from injuries sustained during the attack, as Blake’s ” soul mate, best friend and the love of Lynn’s life.”

During Lee’s sentencing Lynn’s partner asked the judge to give him the maximum penalty. “When Mike murdered Lynn a piece of my heart died,” she said.


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