Prop H8 Watch: Prop 8 Trial Tapes Still Collecting Dust but Ninth Circut Promises to Rule Soon.

Oh those poor prop 8 videos. They’ve almost been through as much as the thousands of gay, lesbian, and transgender couples affected by the discriminatory proposition themselves.

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it would “stay a September trial-court ruling that allowed the videotapes to be unsealed.”

So follow me here: first the tapes were public, then they were ordered sealed, then they were unsealed but sealed again and now they will remain sealed until the ninth circuit makes a decision to unseal them. Got it?Yeah, I’m not sure I do either.

As I explained before, the only possible reason the pro-H8 people has to keep them sealed is that so we don’t discover just how silly their anti-marriage arguments really were.

According to Routers, ” The Ninth Circuit on Monday said it would hear oral arguments on the matter during the week of December 5.”

If they aren’t released in time for that lover of comedy videos on your Christmas list there’s always the Dustin Lance Black play based on the trial’s transcripts.


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