CDC: Utah, Idaho In Top Five For Suicidal Thoughts

According to a new report released today by the Centers for Disease Control, Idaho ranks fourth when  it comes to adults who have had suicidal thoughts. Neighboring Utah leads the nation at 6.8 percent. The report includes substance abuse factors and other behaviour that may be contributors to the problem. CDC director Dr. Thomas M. Frieden says that, “The report highlights that we have opportunities to intervene before someone dies by suicide. We can identify risks and take action before a suicide attempt takes place.”

Time Magazine reports that,” The study was based on responses from 92,264 people aged 18 or older who took
part in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2008-09. The survey which collects data on health risks related to drug, alcohol and tobacco use, as well as mental health, is conducted every year, but 2008 and 2009 were the first  years in which all respondents — not just those who reported suffering from depression — were asked whether they had serious thoughts about killing themselves at any point in the previous year.”

Jenny Blair over at Truth Wins Out points out that with 60 percent of Utah being L.D.S, it would be interesting to “ferret out whether a disproportionate number of those reporting suicidal behaviors also identify as LGBTQ, but keywords related to sexuality appear nowhere in the survey instructions.”

Idaho has the second largest population when it comes to LDS members, though to be fair Nevada (#2) and Rhode Island (#3) came in higher than the Gem state, nor does the survey factor in any religion .

According to Time, “The study didn’t explore exactly why suicidal thoughts were more common in some states than in others.”

Georgia ranked last, according to the survey.

You can read the Study for yourself HERE.


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