Unfunny Numbers: LDS Poll Says 64 Percent Of Somebodys Somewhere Don’t Support Marriage Equality

Typically when you take a poll and your numbers aren’t even close to matching the other one, two or even three  other professional polls taken on the same topic, you would throw away your results and start over again, right?  Not if you are pollster Gary Lawrence you don’t. After all, who would ever question a poll on marriage equality taken by a anti-gay member of the anti-marriage equality LDS church and published in an anti-marriage equality LDS owned newspaper?

An article on the poll, published in Wednesday’s edition of the Desert News, goes to great lengths to try to explain why Lawrence’s poll is different then say, every other poll on the planet.

But folks who like James Peron, along with any-other-thinking-person-who-can-put-two-and-two together, aren’t buying it. Peron, who is the president of the Moorefield Storey Institute, an independent think tank, writes over at the Huffington Post that we don’t actually know who it was Lawrence polled:

“There is little such information in the article. All it or the attached graphics indicate is that 1,000 randomly chosen adults in 50 states were surveyed.  Did these people represent groups proportionally, or, as in a previous National Organization for Marriage poll, was it skewed toward older respondents? Deseret News doesn’t say, nor do they reveal whether respondents reflect the population distribution of the states. For instance, a poll that over-surveys residents of the South will be skewed in one direction, while one that over-surveys residents of the Pacific states and New England would give very different results.”

Peron’s commentary goes on to point out one other interesting tidbit published by the non-LDS owned Salt Lake Tribune:

“Lawrence was a key player in the Mormon-led anti-gay campaign. Lawrence, the paper wrote, “(He) compared opponents of Prop 8 to those who sided with Lucifer against Jesus in the pre-mortal existence. That comparison caused Lawrence’s own son, Matthew, to resign from the Mormon Church and stop communications with his own family. Matthew said, “We can all agree to disagree and respect each other’s informed opinions and decisions, but don’t put me and Satan in the same sentence please.”

So it’s true, you really can start with an agenda, take a poll, hide certain facts, reword the questions, and come up with a different number than any other poll.  It’s just that ninty-nine percent of all media outlets say they would laugh at you as they tossed it in the trash, unless they just happen to agree with your findings.


2 Responses to Unfunny Numbers: LDS Poll Says 64 Percent Of Somebodys Somewhere Don’t Support Marriage Equality

  1. The same could potentially be said for us, so we have to make certain that only the most scrupulously gathered information is represented in polls that we cit, or we too will end up with egg on our face.

  2. *cite (‘cit’ was a typo – I would love to see the ability to edit one’s posts added to this site)

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