Busted For Wanting To Get Married! Heroic Couple Arrested In Civil Disobedience Protest

qNotes reports that a lesbian couple has been arrested for staging a sit-in protest at the Buncombe County Register of Deeds in Ashville North Carolina:

“Rev. Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve, her partner of 30 years, were among the first couples to request a license last week as a part of the Coalition for Southern Equality’s “We Do” Campaign. They were the last couple request a license for a second time today and refused to leave the office after their denial. The two were arrested at about 4 p.m. after being asked to leave and continuing their sit-in. They have been charged with trespassing and were immediately released by local law enforcement.”

Coalition for Southern Equality Executive Director Jasmine Beach-Ferrara has described her group’s campaign, which organized several couples in requesting the licenses each weekday since Oct. 3rd, as a social justice movement.  She tells qNotes that “it is time to demand full equality for LGBT people.”

“Today’s action is about real people saying, I will no longer live as a second-class citizen in my country,” Beach-Ferrara said in a statement following the arrests. “Kathryn and Elizabeth have devoted their lives to public service and to the values of love and fairness. Today, they stand up not just for their right to be marry, but for all LGBT people who know first hand how harmful these laws are. We are saying, simply, we are equal people. Laws that treat us as unequal must change. We will continue to resist them until they do.”

Read the full article HERE.

Below is a heartbreaking video of 18 couples from the last two weeks being told “No, You Can’t.”


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