Everybody Panic! Washington State Fundy Poll Finds Rise In Support For Same Gender Marriage

The end of the Evergreen State is surely near! A new poll by the facist Faith and Freedom Network finds that at least one state in the Northwest is catching up to the rest of the nation when it comes to marriage equality.

On Top Magazine reports, “less than half (48%) of the 408 registered voters contacted by Elway Research answered “no” when asked, “Do you support legalizing homosexual marriage in Washington state?” Forty-four percent answered “yes.”

Don’t worry though, fascism has a way of ignoring reality.  In this case it’s the old yawner of telling Washingtonians that they’re all being brainwashed. (Most of us call it being educated, but hey, you’ve got to learn to phrase things just right these days.)

“Gary Randall, president of the Faith and Freedom, dismissed the slight decrease in opposition indicated in the poll.

“There’s a constant erosion of traditional principles and values by education and the media,” he told the paper. “Kids are being indoctrinated in school and bullied into accepting homosexuality.”

Nationwide polls show a narrow majority (up to 53%) of Americans support marriage equality.

Josh Friedes, director of marriage equality for Equal Rights Washington, tells the Seattle Times,“For the first time, polls in Washington are showing a majority support for marriage equality, and even the opposition can’t muster a poll that shows they have a majority,”


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