Communities Across Idaho Celebrate National Coming Out Day

Communities across Idaho held events to mark the 23rd annual observance of National Coming Out Day on Tuesday. Idaho State University in Pocatello got the ball rolling Monday night with a visit from cast member of ‘The Real World: DC’, Mike Manning, who recounted his coming out experience, his time as an intern with the HRC in Washington, and his experience on “The Real World”. Manning also talked about the need for equality across the country and especially in rural states like Idaho.

In Moscow, University of Idaho students along with members of the community marked the day with booths, music, and an open mic speak out. There was also opportunity for folks to share their stories via video which will be used as part of a larger project in the effort to add “sexual orientation and gender identity to the Human Right’s amendment.

In the Magic Valley area, about 60 people gathered in front of the Twin Falls County courthouse to not only celebrate those who have made the decision to come out, but to pause and remember those who have fallen victim discrimination and bullying.

The group took note of the 13th anniversary of the death of Wyoming College student Matthew Shepard. Organizers also used the event to kick off Idaho’s “Add The Words” campaign in the Magic Valley area.

In the Boise area, students from Boise State University’s BGLAD club set set up a closet in the quad area. Students were encouraged to get their picture taken “coming out of the closet”, no matter what their orientation or identity!

More events are planned for the Pocatello, Boise and Moscow areas as “Coming Out Week” continues.


2 Responses to Communities Across Idaho Celebrate National Coming Out Day

  1. Congratulations to all those who ventured through that closet door to taste the fresh air of freedom!

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